I have only recently begun creating monotypes. It's fascinating.....you work on a piece for two or three hours, then run it through the press, holding your breath as you wait to see what emerges. Maybe it's because I'm fairly new at making monotypes but so far I'm never quite certain of what will emerge from the press. Then I wait a week while it dries and begin another layer on the same piece. The layering and depth you can attain is wonderful! — I titled this series "Fragments" because of the amazing fragment of rubber I used in each piece that made the hexagonal holes that appear in each monotype. I loved it!

This yoga series are some of the very first monotypes I'd ever made. I used a method called "gelatin print making." After inking the homemade plates and pressing them into the paper, I then used various mark-making devices to create other marks on the paper. If you look closely you will see marks made by erasers, square pieces of cardboard, fir tree needles, kitchen cupboard liners, etc.